Backflow Testing FAQs


1. Is Green Touch Irrigation certified to complete backflow testing?

Yes! Aric Knepp is a certified backflow tester through the State of Ohio Department of Commerce. His license number is 10449.

2. Am I required to have my backflow device tested?

Yes! Every backflow device is required to have a test completed yearly and sent to your local water company.

3. What does a backflow device and test do?

A backflow device prevents contaminated water from going backward in the water’s supply line. A backflow test provides assurance to your water company that there is no contaminated water going into the main water supply.

4. Where is Green Touch Irrigation certified to test backflows?

We are able to test for a large number of water companies including: The City of Columbus, Del-Co, The City of Delaware, The City of Gahanna, The City of Reynoldsburg, Fairfield County, Southwest Licking area, City of Pickerington, and many more areas. Please contact us if you don’t see your water company listed.

5. Do I need to be home for the backflow test?

No, as long as the water to the irrigation system has been turned on the test can be completed from the device outside. If your water is not on, please contact us for a scheduled appointment.

6. Do I need to have my backflow tested even if I didn’t use my irrigation system this year?

Yes! Water companies still require the test to be completed yearly whether or not your irrigation system has been in use throughout the year . 

7. What happens after the test is completed?

Once you have requested us to complete the test, there is nothing else you need to do! Our certified technician completes the test on your device, fills out the report form, and tags the device. GTI will send the test to your water company and email you a copy of the completed report.

8. Do you need the report form that the water company sends us?

No, it is not necessary for us to have this specific form. We have copies of all of the test forms and can complete all the needed paperwork without the pre-filled out form.

9. How do I request a test?

Please use the Contact Us form to request your test to be completed. You may also call/text the office at 614-245-0594 or email us at