Services offered

Spring Start Up


 Our certified technicians will turn on your sprinkler system using our 18 pt. inspection. This includes checking all sprinklers for proper coverage, adjustments, & leaks. Our friendly staff will check for leaks on all irrigation piping including backflow. We will test the accuracy of your rain sensor & set your controller for proper watering. We will evaluate system piping & sprinkler layout, & note any recommended changes to the system (i.e. changing landscape).  

Monitoring Visits


Monitoring visits occur between Spring Start Up and Winterization. These visits are crucial especially to sites with flowers to ensure proper watering during installation and throughout season to prevent dead loss. They include a proactive approach to checking overall conditions of the system and adjusting run times to best fit changing weather conditions during the season. A report will be provided after the visit and any repairs noted will result in a written estimate to be scheduled and completed upon signature approval. 



 We will prepare your system for the winter using our 22 pt. inspection. We evacuate all water out of irrigation piping & sprinklers using compressed air. We will note any repairs needed for the following spring. A freeze damage guarantee will be provided for a nominal charge, unless included in purchased package. 



We also specialize in repairs to existing irrigation systems. Our extensive knowledge includes sprinkler head and valve repairs as well as troubleshooting wiring issues, locating pesky leaks, as well as upgrading systems to more effectively and efficiently irrigate critical areas. 

Backflow Testing

Backflow Device

Green Touch Irrigation is certified to test all irrigation backflow devices. See Backflow FAQ for additional information. 

Backflow FAQ



Please see our FAQ page for additional information. 


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